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Classical Music & Film Music Composer

Michael Conway Baker is one of the most renowned and prolific composers in Canada and has many honors in the field of music. Michael first gained prominence in 1986 when he wrote three pieces for the World's Fair "Expo '86." Held in Vancouver British Columbia, these pieces included A Fanfare for Expo '86, An Island in Space for the United Nations Pavilion and  music for the B. C. Pavilion. In 1991, he received a Juno for Best Classical Music Composition,  for his magnificent Piano Concerto. He has been nominated for eleven film awards and received six, including three Genies and an Actra Award for Best Score for a television series - David Suzuki's A Planet For The Taking. He has received several major Body of Works Awards and he is listed in the 2005 Groves Dictionary of Music. In 1997, he was invested with the Order of British Columbia and received The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal. In 2006 he was inducted into the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame. Michael's concert music is now over 180  works and includes Symphonies, Concertos, full-length Ballets with the National Ballet of Canada and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Choral Works, Chamber Music, Fanfares, music for piano and for voice. He has composed more than 250 scores for film and television including series such as Road to Avonlea, The Nature of Things and the Beachcombers.


"Baker's music is lyrical and melodic, beautifully judged and expertly crafted ... a gifted melodist and orchestrator." - Diederik de Jong, American Record Guide

".., the dulcet melodies might make Andrew Lloyd Webber) eat his heart out" - Andrew Charron, Classical Music Magazine


"... one of North America's most sought-after composers for films and television" - John Sims, Western Report


"... a hatful of awards later, Baker is Vancouver's foremost film and TV composer" - Damian Inwood, Celebrities Columnist, The Province


" matter what the era, you feel Baker would still be enjoying some kind of success...prolific and adaptable" - Stephen Godfrey, The Globe and Mail 

"It's clear that Michael's music has great audience appeal..." - Karen Wilson, CBC 

"Baker is one who has emerged in the last decade as one of North America's most talented film and television composers"  - John Becker, The Georgia Straight 

"Baker has developed a highly approachable style, one firmly rooted in the communication of emotion. That fact, along with his great fluency and capacity for work, has made him one of Canada's most popular and most widely-known composers." - Don Anderson, Musically Speaking 

"... a person who is so removed from the mainstream of Canadian composition that he has become successful. Baker, you see, composes music you can like. Not for him the stereotypical sounds of new music that thrills academia and drives audiences to the exits." - Ray Chatelin, Music Critic, The Vancouver Province 

"... a prodigious talent" - Muriel Schubert, Vancouver Symphony 

"... such a hectic pace is not new to Baker, who is known for his diligence. In fact it was the composer's reputation which helped get him the (Stratford] Festival job. When (Richard] Ouzounian asked Baker to compose the music, the two hadn't even met." - Keith Schaefer, The Beacon Herald 


"... you ... have achieved a high level of personal and professional success and have brought honour to the University" - Mel Reeves, President, The University of British Columbia Alumni Association


"... your beautiful music added to that success. It has been two six-month periods of hearing your themes through the wall (we couldn't afford proper sound proofing) and never getting tired of it" - Randy Ormston, United Nations Pavilion, Australia (88) and Expo 86 

"... truly outstanding theme music. It was a great honour for the University to have a composer of your stature create the music for such an important landmark event." - David Strangway, President, University of B.C. 

"I am really a very great admirer of his (Baker's) work and whenever I get the opportunity, I push it for all I'm worth." - Farley Mowat, Author 

"Baker's music is characterized by strong emotional expression of a predominantly lyrical nature...often of an evocative nature and lends itself to extramusical venues such as dance and film." - Canadian Music Directory 

"This sensitive but no-nonsense approach is the key to the popular and critical success of Baker" - CBC Records 

"His own personal, distinctive voice will continue to produce music that is both accessible and original." - Chris Petty, The Chronicle 

"...very evocative music that conveys some of the composer's intense personal concern for the natural environment and our responsibility for it." - John Becker, CHQM-Q's Reviews


"...the Canadian master of melody." - CBC Stereo - Westcoast Performance 

"No one has surpassed his ability to adapt musical talent to the film medium... And not only did (the music) "fit" but it was wonderfully appropriate to the mood of the picture." - Peter Jones, National Film Board of Canada 

"..Baker's music is as central to the films as the camera images are. The themes and melodies are both wonderfully musical and filmic." - Philip Keatley, Producer, TV Drama, CBC 

"His enthusiasm for the ideas and images in "Hand & Eye" helped us greatly as we developed the series. He found a distinctive way to enrich the material and the colour and lyricism of his scores made GLORIOUS MUD and TOUCH WOOD particularly appealing and effective." - Vincent Tovell, Executive Producer, CBC Television 

"The most film-wise composer in Canada." - Jack Darcus, Exile Productions 

"The concert ended with the premiere of Michael Conway Baker's Century Symphony (Opus 100) that was commissioned in celebration of our city's centennial. The directness and sincerity of the melodies along with the incessant driving rhythms created a powerful effect. ... I doubt that I was the only one with a tear in my eye when the choir of beautiful voices joined the orchestra in ending this truly moving work." - Daniela O'Fee, Kamloops Daily News 

".. Your soundtrack "Celebration Canada" did everything we had hoped to do and more! Hundreds of thousands of Koreans will experience their first glimpse of Canada in a unique way and will surely walk away humming the melody in their mind. The orchestra and all your support team were superb. The result is a truly patriotic Canadian soundtrack that will leave a lasting impression on Koreans." - Barry McMahon, Executive Producer, Canadian Participation, EXPO '93, Korea  


"Tis Canada Pavilion was judged "Best International Pavilion"


"...even before we have done the studio voice-over, your song (Love May Not Stay) has not only been accepted and cheered by Joe Public, but has won the hearts of some of the toughest people in this Business called Show! Your professional popularity and the extreme esteem with which your work is held in the industry tells me you are not inclined to rest on your laurels.... Again, many thanks for allowing me a glimpse of your musical expertise and creativity."-  Rheta With An "H" (Vocalist/Actor) 

"I have been following your exciting and eventful career for many years now and have always been delighted with your distinctive and creative style of music. Your music comes across fresh and alive each time i listen to it, as if I were listening to is for the first time." - James Fries., Glenshaw, PA 

"And we had Michael Conway Baker lined up to do the music.... It was an excellent group, the best the west has to offer and, I guess, considering the outcome, just the best group period." (About Canadian pavilion show at Expo '93 in Taejon, Korea) - Blair Reekie, Producer quoted in Reel West Magazine 

"In Korea, visitors to the Expo pavilion will be strapped in, 110 at a time, for the "magic-carpet ride". They'll face a 70 square-metre screen for the, which features a score composed by Vancouver's Michael Conway Baker." - Peter Birnie, Film Critic, The Vancouver Sun


"...our hearty congratulations upon your success at this year's Juno celebration. ... We hope that the spotlight on your talent by the whole country will continue to bring you substantial benefits, both commercially and personally." - Louis Applebaum, Board of Directors, SOCAN


"Baker was recently featured on BCTV's News Hour program and shown in the forest wilderness setting of his home, raccoons and all." - The North Shore News

"..Kootenai Brown".... It sure has a lot of blue--ribbon brains behind it. John Gray...wrote the script. Triple Genie-winner Michael Conway Baker wrote the score" - Elizabeth Aird, Film Clips, The Vancouver Sun


"He's best known for the Genie Award-winning music to The Grey Fox. Baker lives in a tranquil, North Vancouver retreat with his wife Penny. The house is all cedar and skylights, surrounded by towering pines and serenaded by a babbling stream. Relaxing in front of a blazing fire, it's hard to imagine Baker in the meat-grinder of 18-hour days, working to produce 45-60 minutes of the movie's 'emotion track'. The pressures are immense, he says." - Peter Clough, Entertainment Editor, The Vancouver Province 

"A performance of "Chanson Joyeuse" by Vancouver composer Michael Conway Baker, whose highly acclaimed film scores for "The Grey Fox" and Disney's "One Magic Christmas" have earned him international recognition." - Air Canada Classics, VSO Allegro Magazine